Cryptocapitalist and independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce says he does not believe he will win the 2020 election, but has revealed how he plans to end up in the White House anyway.

The presidential candidate told Cointelegraph that one of his main campaign strategies was to ensure that neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party wins a majority in 2020 by betting on the electoral college system:

„If a third party like me won a single state, it would be possible for no one to win the election. If a third party like us won three states, no one would likely win the election. So I’m not trying to win the election. I’m trying to win three states so no one wins the election.“

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Possible, not likely
Under U.S. law, a presidential candidate must win at least 270 of 538 electoral votes to be elected, not a majority of the popular vote. Less populous states like Wyoming have three votes, while larger states like California have 55 votes.

A candidate can carry an entire state and its electoral votes by winning a majority of the votes in that state. This system explains how Donald Trump was able to „win“ the 2016 election with 304 electoral votes, despite receiving approximately 3 million fewer votes in total than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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However, if none of the major party candidates received a majority of the electoral votes, the state delegations to the House of Representatives would vote for the three presidential candidates with the most electoral votes – that is, if the strategy is effective, Pierce, Trump and Biden.

„You don’t have to win to be president,“ Pierce said. „I’m running with a strategy to end up in the White House in January.“

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Pierce is a winner either way
Pierce will probably end up a winner no matter what. If, as seems likely, he does not achieve his heroic goal of becoming President, his campaign will result in significant media exposure and help highlight cryptomonies as an election issue.

Pierce first announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency in a tweet on July 5, following Kanye West. His campaign site states that he is a pioneer of Crypto Comeback Pro digital currency and has raised over $5 billion for the companies he has founded.

Cointelegraph will soon release the full video of the interview with Pierce.